The Price of Sight

This morning I was reminded of the price of sight- let me tell you, it is freaking expensive!! Obviously it’s worth it. Just ask Val Kilmer in At First Sight. Side Note- I can’t help but laugh when I think about this movie.

Here’s a quick synopsis courtesy of IMDB-

A driven Manhattan architect, Amy, relaxes at a resort and falls for the masseur, Virgil, blind since age 3 and assisted by his spinster sister. He helps Amy hear and sense the world, giving her new spirit and a burst of creativity. Over the sister’s objections, Amy takes Virgil to New York for new, radical surgery. He regains his sight. He’s disoriented and must learn to process these new images. Finding his place in a seeing world strains his relation with Amy; his absent father wants to connect with him now that he can see; then, retinal disease threatens to undo the surgery. Can love survive, will he find his new place and his old tranquillity, can Amy accommodate limits.

This film was so fantasaticly horrible it could have been a Lifetime movie! Everytime I watch it (which everytime I find it on television) I am impressed. Life would suck if you couldn’t see! I remember when I was a kid I would walk around with my eyes shut, just to see what it would be like. Even though I usually peeked, my expereiment always ended with stubbed toes, bruises or something nocked off a table.
In High school, I actually started failing math because I couldn’t see the board and I was convinced I would look terrible in glasses. My relationship with the eye doctor started from there. Glasses were the ugly stepchild that came from my union with the eye doctor. I never wore them and they are now broken in the bottom of a box somewhere. Contacts were my best friend. I wore colors to match with my outfits, and pretended I was one of those “lucky people” with dark hair and clear blue eyes. I gave up on colored contacts when gained a little more self confidence and realised my brown eyes were what made me extreamly unique in a family of blue eyed people.

My sweet new specs

Today the eye doctor and I had one of our dates. It ended like it always does, with me cursing the cost of sight. $330 later I have a cute new pair of glasses on the way, a years worth of contacts and a promise to myself that I will wear my glasses enough to make my contacts last two years. Besides, glasses are so in these days. Look at all these cute celebs sporting specs!

The Lovely Anne Hathaway
Stars with Specs!

Val might have been able to survive without sight, but it would never work for me. I’m a visual learner afterall. It looks like this realtionship between me and my eye doctor is not going to go away anytime soon. Anyone want to give me Lasik?

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