California Dreaming

I’ve been doing this A LOT lately! I believe I was meant to live by the water. The sound of ocean’s crashing waves calms me in a way that can’t be duplicated even by the local wave pool. Salty sea air makes my skin happy too.

I’ve been on a mission lately to get myself relocated ocean side. I believe in manifesting your own destiny. If you believe it (and it’s logical and possible), you will make it happen. So everyday, I envision myself going for a run on the beach instead of the gym treadmill, reading my book in with the sea breeze blowing my hair instead of the ceiling fan, driving with the windows down to smell the distinct smell of the ocean instead of the exhaust fumes of my fellow drivers, feeling the sand between my toes instead of the cold tile floor. No exciting news to report just yet, but I am in an active pursuit of opportunities that will allow me to eat my lunch at the beach. Here are a few images I collected to keep me focused.

Ahh, Paradise!

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