A Little Housekeeping

A couple of things for you to digest before you start your weekend…

1.  Did you make health resolutions?  Well Jenn, Chelsea and I are going to help you keep them!!  Come visit us every Wednesday and link up to The Biggest Loser: Blogger Edition.  We won’t be kicking anyone off, you will get the chance to earn prizes and best of all, it’s your chance to share your triumphs, challenges, workouts, recipes, motivation and inspire each other as we all make 2013 the year we keep our health and wellness goals.  So join us Wednesday to share your story!

2.  I did a little guest post on This Won’t Hurt A Bit.  If you have a road trip coming out, check out my tips and spend some time getting to know Renee as well!  She’s an absolute doll!

3.  The Life: Stylish had a big week!  My first blog makeover went live this week!  Check out the design I did for Kim’s blog Slice of Life!  Does your blog need a touch up or even a complete makeover? Check out what The Life: Stylish has to offer!  I’m super affordable and will do everything I can to make your ideas come to life…err screen.

4.  I saw this on Pinterest and I am totally obsessed so, I had to share!
Have a fan-freakin-tastic weekend lovelies!

5 thoughts on “A Little Housekeeping

  1. Found your blog via the hop! I am so excited for Wednesday! I really need the motivation to stay on track since I am getting married in less than 3 months!


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