The Biggest Loser: Blogger Edition {link up}

Hello lovelies!  It’s finally here!  The first day of The Biggest Loser: Blogger Edition, brought to you by Ashley, Chelsea and Jenn
Our version of The Biggest Loser is a little different than the one you see on TV!  In Blogger Edition, no one gets kicked off, and we aren’t just trying to lose weight.  Instead we are creating a place to go when you need a little motivation, when you need to voice your frustration, when you are looking for a healthy recipe, when you are looking for a new workout to try.  This is the healthiest link-up on the net!
So link up with your health goals, your struggles and your triumphs.  Tell us about why it’s been hard to lose the weight,  why health and fitness is important for you or what you’ve learned.    Share your favorite healthy recipe from the week, the fitness fad you are loving and the triumphs you’ve overcome.  
Then visit all the other ladies who’ve linked!  leave them some love and together we will create a community of support. This is the year you will meet your health and fitness goals and we’re going to help you get there!
PLUS each week you link up, you have a chance to win something fabulous from one of our sponsors! 
So grab a button, link up and enjoy!  This week you can win 2 months free ad space on Oh Wells Instead Of What Ifs!
Want to sponsor The Biggest Loser: Blogger Edition?  Email us! 


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