The Facts Of Me

I couldn’t resist a chance to link up with Whitney, so here I am and here are some facts about me.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have…

The Facts Of Me (and a nostalgic moment remembering the days I would watch The Facts Of Life while eating breakfast before elementary school.)

Fact: The dessert that I crave all day every day is a chocolate dipped cone from DQ.  Nothing makes me happier than a little vanilla ice cream covered in hardened chocolate.

Fact: I don’t like ice in my drinks. It’s a space waster.

Fact:  I am thinner and happier with a tan.  To prove this theory, I spent my day off at the beach, but in the meantime, this is what I look like tan.  Okay, so I had to go back into the archives for this one, but look how thin and happy I look!

Fact: Every time I am on vacation I dream of what it must be like to not work.  Remember the good ole’ days when we had the summers off and our job was education.  Ah, memories.

Fact: I am messy, but it’s only because I am obsessively organized. If everything doesn’t have a place then nothing does.

Fact: Things are better in miniature.  Mini burgers, mini desserts, mini beers…

Fact:  I own 8 pairs of sunglasses.  Each pair cost me less than $15.  What can I say, I love cheap glasses.
Fact: I would really enjoy being a talk show host.  I’m patiently waiting for that offer to come in.
Fact:  I am not a “clubber”, but on the rare occasion I do club, I end up taking pictures like this.

Fact:  I love the feeling of completing a workout, but I absolutely hate the feeling of starting a workout.
Fact: I love awkward situations.  It’s just so entertaining.  
Fact:  I hate the Lakers.  

Fact:  Half of my closet is filled with black clothing, but I prefer to wear color.  I also have over 25 pairs of heels but I prefer flip flops.
Fact:  The smell of pancakes make me want to vom.  There was an incident when I was little.  It involved a contest, over a dozen pancakes, and never ever eating them again.
Fact:  I like to break out into dance whenever appropriate… or even inappropriate.

Fact: I can’t eat gummy vitamins because I have no self control and will eat the whole container.
Fact: Foot and/or hand massages are the way to my heart.  
Fact: This is my drunk face and these are my drunk chins.

Fact:  My blood probably has more Diet Pepsi in it than water.  I actually think my body has evolved to run better on diet soda than water.  Don’t be jealous.
Fact:  I buy shaved Parmesan cheese just to eat it out of the package.  only about 10% gets used on food, the rest is really more of a snack.
Fact: I love giant Jenga more than any other game.  And trust me, you want me on your team!

Fact: This post has entirely too many pictures of me.  All of this self reflection has made me want a beer.
Go Link up loves!

10 thoughts on “The Facts Of Me

  1. I laughed out loud when I read the fact about your gummie vitamins! I used to be the same way about Flintstone Vitamins.


  2. So, can you OD on gummy vitamins?

    Also – I've never been able to summarize by need for organization and it's inevitable messiness – LOVE the way you put that. I feel as though my life has found new meaning.


  3. So, I totally adore you even more after reading this post.

    The gummy vitamins thing made me life- because it's SO TRUE for me, too!

    Foot/hand massages? AMAZING. You can't get better than a good foot massage in my book.

    I don't like ice in my drinks either and I'm only messy because I'm obsessively organized, too.



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