Getting Crafty: DIY Jewelry Holder

I would love to live in an upscale department store.  The clean lines,  the clothes neatly folded or displayed  and not crammed onto a single bar rack, whimsical window displays, plush furniture.  Ah!  I’m on an ever constant quest to make my room feel like an upscale boutique.

I also love organization.  I need everything to have a home.  Especially jewelry!  I love to be able to see what I have to get ideas on how to wear it.  So I decided to make my jewelry a home of it’s own!  It was super easy and now my bedroom looks a little more like a boutique.  So today, I thought I would share with you how to make one for yourself!

What you need:
*I didn’t use one, but if I were going to redo this project, I would find an old large from from a thrift shop to go around the pegboard.

Then head over to Lowe’s or Home Depot or wherever you like to go for home improvement items.
-Get a pegboard. I think mine was like $5
-A can of your favorite shade of spray paint.
-The 43-piece Pegboard kit $12
-A 50 lb+ mirror/picture hanging kit. (I got mine from Target)

Before you leave, have your pegboard cut to the size you’d like!

I liked the 43- piece set because it came with these little buckets.  I use them to store my  stud earrings and pins.

-Spray paint your peg board and let it dry.
-*If you took my advice and got a frame, place pegboard into frame.
-Place hooks in desired locations.  Once locations are selected, you can secure them in place with the    
  fasteners that come with the kit.  I didn’t, but I’m a bit of a daredevil.
– Attach the wire from the hanging kit.  I basically just used the holes in the pegboard to tie the wire.  There
  is probably a more professional way to go about this, but “nobody got time for that!”
– Hang your fabulous new jewelry holder on the wall.
– Adorn it with all your favorite jewels.
– Celebrate what an awesome job you did and buy something new to add to your collection
I got myself this ring.  And I “love” it!

Now all my jewelry has a home and I am just so happy when I accessorize in the morning!

Happy crafting!

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