The Most Eclectic Workout Mix You Ever Did Hear

So the other day, I spent over an hour compiling a playlist of 91 songs that I thought were workout worthy- specifically sweat my ass off on every piece of cardio equipment worthy.  When I did my first workout with it (there was nothing good on Bravo that day) I was super impressed with my eclectic workout music taste.  Sure, I have some expected songs from Justin Timberlake, Rhianna  and Kelly Clarkson, but a lot of my choices are not what most would expect to hear.

Welp, here is a workout mix for weirdo’s like me!

Green Day Brain Stew/Jaded-  For some reason this song just makes me want to work really hard.  Maybe it’s because it reminds me a scene from Stick It when the spirited Hailey Graham has to get her body back into competative gymnast shape.  Yep, that’s totally why!  Come on Stick It was the Bring it on of Gymnastics, or at least that’s what the promos told me!

Wicked is one of my favorite musicals, so this was a definite pick!  It’s funny, when I hear this song, I image a sort of movie montage, something like a female version of Rocky.  When you get past all the stuff about Wizards, it’s as if I am running up those storied Rocky step, and glistening in the sunlight.  One thing is for sure, my tummy tire is doing to gravity defying while I run.

Oh The Format, The First Single really brings me back to some of my favorite high school memories.  Plus it’s just got s good tempo to burn calories to!  Bummer, you have to link to YouTube to hear some of these.  What can I say YouTube isn’t old enough to allow embeding on these decade old songs.

I went through a serious Saving Jane phase in college.  We would listen to The Girl Next Door with the windows down as we would drive down the canyon to lay out at the creek.  The whole CD is great for the gym!  This is one of my favorite songs on the album.  Don’t stop now!

One Tree Hill junkies will know this one.  It’s a classic, redone with some pizzazz!   

Whenever this song comes on, I just wiggle all over.  Which is awesome for car dancing, but a little hazardous on a treadmill- and mildly embarrassing.

I almost don’t want to tell you what I think about this one, but I will because I love you all! So this is a great running song, but I have a really great vision of how one day I will do a flash mob at my wedding to this song.  It will be epic.  Steal my idea and I will hunt you down.  Just kidding, things aren’t that serious.

This is a great happy song. When I am running and I am about to quit, this song reminds me how blessed I am to be able to run, to love and to live.  Yes, I have been blessed.

This was never a single, but it is my favorite song on Katy’s first CD.  “I’m gonna make my mark, gonna run it hard, I want you to remember me.”  Hello motivation!

I always catch myself smiling when I hear this song.  People look at me funny when I am nearing an hour on the eliptical and smiling like a fool.  I’d look at me funny too!

And, that my friends a glimpse into my random workout playlist.

What’s your favorite workout song?

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5 thoughts on “The Most Eclectic Workout Mix You Ever Did Hear

  1. So eclectic- but- I love it! Good music is my favorite part of my workout. I had the 80's workout station on Pandora during my walk/jog yesterday and it was awesome!


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