Va-va-va Vintage

A few years back I went through a Rachel Zoe phase.  I was obsessed with her show on Bravo, read Style A to Zoe, and religiously tore through The Zoe Report. Let’s get real, I was never going to be the jumbo-sized, brunette Zoe.  My RZ obsession introduced me to two things, the constant use of the term “crazy-bananas”, and the wonderful world of vintage!  I have to admit, I have never actually bought anything vintage, mostly because the jewelry I love I can’t afford and the waistlines of dresses usually just fit around my thighs.  Imagine my excitement when I came across Ahka Vintage

Ahka Vintage is an online vintage store run by sisters, Lara and Tura!  They share a love of vintage, style, stationary and all things quirky and fun.  Their online store specializes in beautiful dresses like these:

My favorite part is that they embrace girls with curves!!

A few more things you should know about Ahka Vintage and how they run:

♥Striving for a green, eco friendly punch in the face to mass production.

♥We embrace womens curves with vintage for all sizes

♥ Not following trends but creating every girls own unique style and flair.

♥ looking fabulous and pulling of each unique look with grace and a little bit of attitude.

♥ This is not about having customers, but meeting new friends.

♥ known for amazing prices and next day delivery

♥ Loving each and every one of our friends for being a part of the journey.

Plus, they are offering OWIOWI readers a discount!  Yipee!!!  
Just enter the code OWIOWI15 and save 15% on any item in their webstore! 

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I have to do some shopping!

Want to know more?  Check them out via Blog, via Twitter, & via Facebook!

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