Elevating the Blogging Experience

I’ve always enjoyed a good conference.  During college, I found myself headed to leadership conferences, sorority conferences, philanthropic conferences, any excuse to travel and learn about something I am passionate about.  As you can imagine, I have had my sights set on attending a blogging conference, but spending hundreds of dollars on just my ticket, not to mention travel and accommodations is a little out of my budget right now. But my little blogging dream has become a reality!

This morning promptly at 9 AM PST, I bought my ticket to the Elevate Blog Conference.  I mean, really how could I not sit anxiously staring at my computer screen at 8:59 refreshing the screen like a maniac when: A- It’s taking place only miles from my house. B-Some of my favorite bloggers, like Erin from Living in Yellow  and Ashley from Little Ms Momma will be speaking. C- There were only 40 tickets available.

And thank goodness I was so on the ball, because within just a few minutes there were only 15 tickets left!

But now my wise blog friends, as a blog conference virgin, I need some first time advice about attending.   What to expect?  What to bring? What to wear?  What not to do?

Leave me a comment with your best words of blog conference wisdom!

3 thoughts on “Elevating the Blogging Experience

  1. Hi Ashley! I'm going to be going to Elevate too & I am excited. I've only been to a blogging get together (SoCal Social) so I don't know exactly what to expect either. BUT, I know that I am looking forward to meeting everyone & I'm already going through the list of attendees and visiting their blogs so I feel like I “know” them a little bit 🙂



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