Words That Inspired Words

Today I found a notebook that has been dancing in and out of my life since the summer of 2007 when I bought it in an over priced paperie in London.  You see, I had to have it.  I needed a beautiful book with crisp pages to write down everything that was happening to me during my three month stay across the pond.  Turns out, I used about 8 pages in jolly ole’ London.  Since then, it has steadily collected my words on an irregular basis.  

Today I picked up that notebook again, this time to make some notes about design and sketch out a few ideas, but I got easily sidetracked.  It was as if I had stumbled upon a hidden chest of treasures. Only where a pirate would find gold coins, I found words. 
Those pages about London at the front. Behind those, notes about my wedding plans; venue comparisons thoughts about colors, etc.  Then a history lesson for a novel I had planned to write.  Page after page of American history dated and mapped out.  The beginning pages of that novel, with words that inspired me to write this post.  Then, a journal entry about going through my divorce.  A budget sheet with ideas of how to pay off my debt faster.  A list of New Year’s resolutions. A gym schedule.Quite the fascinating road map to where I am today.  
Isn’t it funny how looking back makes you look forward?  It reminds you of dreams and redevelops passions.  Reading through the different pieces that make up a notebook that has haphazardly followed my adult life, I couldn’t help but smile.  No matter the troubles, there has always been triumph.  No matter the pain, there has always been growth and strength.  
So today I thought I would share a little excerpt from the novel I had hardly started.  The words that have inspired me to take another stab at writing something worthy of a hardcover.  I hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “Words That Inspired Words

  1. I have been the same way with my journals. Writing is such a great escape and a way to document our lives.

    This line is really cool, “I wanted the moment I saw her to last for as long as I had been without her.”


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