Surviving Wedding Season

Welp, I’m off to AZ again, but this time I am having a whirlwind wedding weekend!  Remember these two and their story?

Well the wedding is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited!  I’ll see you all on the other side of this holiday weekend!  In the meantime, my girl Chrissy is here to entertain you! Leave her some love!
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Hello Oh Wells Instead readers! I’m Chrissy and I hang out over at Let me see you Sparkle. Where we don’t believe that cupcakes have calories and we say please and thank you.

 I am tickled to be here and when Miss Ashley called out for a guest poster on twitter I jumped all over that. She is adorable dontcha think?!

Anywhoo she is off having a blast blast at a wedding and it got me thinking, I have 5 weddings on the books this year! 5 of my friends have decided to tie to knot making me have to buy new outfits, wedding gifts, force my Mr. to dress up, and sit thru 5 uhh…touching? declarations of love. So as we embark on wedding season I would like to take the liberty of sharing some tips for surviving wedding season!

Dress to impress!
Go out and get yourself a hot little number to wear! Please do not get trashtastic and look a mess at the wedding but glam yourself up a bit! After all, don’t all girls like to get dressed up?
Here are a few suggestions from my “Carrie Bradshaw Status” board on Pinterest
pretty and feminineReady for some sun-shinepretty dress

Give killer presents!
If you are happy about what you are giving you will be more happy to do it.. Who wants to give a blender. That’s boring. Choose something you would love to have off of their registry or get a little nontraditional and give something unique that the Mr. & Mrs. will use. Like Pre-planned ; pre-paid date nights or a little housewarming gift basket!

Make sure your +1 rocks your socks! 
If your date is boring you will not have a good time. Period. One of the best weddings I have ever been to was with one of my besties.

Bust out some killer dance moves! 

On second thought… Save the ones pictured above for the club and just sit and eat cake instead.

I hope this helps for those of you that will be tackling wedding season with me! Thanks again to Ashley for having me and I hope you all stop by and say hi!
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2 thoughts on “Surviving Wedding Season

  1. Awesome post!! I need to send this to all my guests in their invites! 😉 Thank you for this post! Have fun this weekend at the wedding, Meagan is going to be beautiful!!!


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