7 Style Etiquette Rules For Female Wedding Guests

I am so excited to introduce you all to Bethann of Bethanimalprint.  I met Bethann almost a decade ago during our first week of college.  Not only is BA hilarious, but she is style savvy too! When she started her own style and lifestyle blog, I knew I had to have her share with you all!  Go follow her and read all about her fabulous style, adorable little girl, healthy living and fantastic career!  (She just got back from NY Fashion week, go ahead, be jealous!)
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Planning a wedding is no easy task. For the better part of a year, brides obsessively tend to menial tasks like booking travel for third cousins, picking out in-season organically grown flowers and silently weeping over seating arrangements.
While she puts too much thought into wondering if it is too soon to sit old flames on the same side of the room, you need to start thinking about what you will wear. Your outfit can pay your respects or silently communicate that you are a selfish heathen that should never leave her cage. If you prefer pay tribute like a lady use these helpful rules on wedding guest style etiquette:
1. Do review the wedding invitation for guidelines as to how formal the affair is. While it is obvious you should never attend a wedding in a crop top, you wouldn’t want to be at a black tie affair in a sundress. Ask someone close to the bride if there are is no indication of dress code in the invitation.

2. Do not be too trendy. The couple is likely to keep these pictures forever. You don’t want to be tortured by your past anymore than you are already going to be because of the denim skirt era you had in college.
3. Do not show guests how loose your morals are with your clingy clothing. Single men at weddings are going to pay attention to you even if your toned abs are not glaringly obvious from 25 yards away. A better way to get his attention is to offer to get him a drink. 
4. Do not wear white. Every time you see a white dress you like, buy it. Wear that thing to YOUR engagement party, engagement photo shoot, bachelorette party, bridal shower. Yes, these are all cliches and I am not actually recommending you participate. Luckily, the light spectrum invented colors like emerald and blue that look good on every tramp out there. Double lucky, merchandise in these hues will slap you in the face (in a good way) before you can even park at the mall.
5. Do wear lipstick. Lipstick allows you to distinguish which glass of wine is yours, can make your teeth look whiter if selected properly and you to get away with less eye makeup. 
6. Do not pile on the eye makeup. You will cry and then look like an idiot with mascara running down your face.
7. If you not masochistic enough to dance for hours in high-heels, do bring a sophisticated pair of flats to change into. NOT Flip-flops which are kind of gross and will definitely make your well-planned ensemble look cheap. Black ballet flats are a great staple to have.

Wow, you made it to the end! Thank you for the hospitality Oh Wells Instead readers! You can find more of me, my personal style, recipes and tips on my blog, bethanimalprint.

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