Life Lately: I’m back

Hi loves!!!

You may have noticed a few changes around here… again.  What can I say, I embrace change! I dropped the “of what ifs”, I spruced up the place and I have some exciting things coming down the pipeline.  Thanks for sticking with me through this transition!

I’ve been a busy little bee these last couple weeks, so I figured I would catch you up on life lately according to my IPhone.

1. One of the most amazing weddings ever! 2. Do you guys remember this couple?  If you were following this story, you do! Ryan was able to stand on his wedding day with the help of a standing chair.  I’ve never been more inspired by love.  3. Just a couple of my beautiful friends at the wedding. 4. Gotta love a new manicure! 5. After attending a fundraiser at my new favorite salon in Newport Beach, I walked away with some seriously sweet swag!  I can’t wait to share more about this salon in an upcoming feature! 6. Just a couple of books I am reading and recommend.  7. Thumbs up, excited about a weekend with friends! 8. Just your typical blogger selfie showing off my bright lips.  9. Bacon wrapped shrimp that rival my recipe.  10. After the pilot taping for Hello Ross, Ross Mathews Talk Show.  11. A particularly great hair day!

 This post wouldn’t be complete without telling you about one of the most exciting nights of my blogging life!  I “hung out” with two of my blogging idols, Jenni from Story of my Life and Erin from Living in Yellow!  It was so inspiring to talk to bloggers from across the country.  We drank wine together, we talked biggest blogging mistakes, post regularity, organization and much more!  Check out all the ladies I spent the evening with.  They all have fantastic homes on the web!

Meagan from The Egg Out West
Christa from The Me And Mine Book 
Alisha from Alisha and Brandon
Erin from Read Eat Create

And check back with Erin to find out how you can be a part of a blogger hangout too!

Whew, well I think I am all caught up!  It’s good to be back!  See you tomorrow loves!

7 thoughts on “Life Lately: I’m back

  1. Sounds like a blast! So happy Ryan was able to stand, that is so freaking precious and inspiring. Like, tears!

    Jealous about that online video chat, looks like it was a blast! Do you think you were all able to really get your 2 cents in? Just wondering in case their are any future opportunities 😉

    Have a great Monday!


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