I’m Not A Player, I Just Crush A Lot

Today (in part because I have a mad case of bloggers block and because I have a lot of blog crushes), I am linking up with Erin for her super fabulous Blogger Crush Link Up.

Just like my Freshman year in high school, I have a lot of crushes!  The difference is, this time I don’t have to seduce my crushes by batting my eyes at church camp.  Nope, I can declare my love right here and link up with others doing the same.  So let’s get started!

Have you all met Courtney from Shabby Loves Chic?  Well not only is this lovely lady hanging out on my sidebar this month, but girlfriend also knows how to put an outfit together.  Basically I have a crush on anyone who can pull off an OOTD post.  I’ll be honest, I consider it a success if I get to work with either my hair done or my makeup done.  If I spent the time on both, I either have a meeting or I woke up early.  Both of which are rare.  Last week, I drooled over Courtney’s shabby chic wedding pictures.  I mean,  you can’t get more charming!  If When I get married again, I hope my next wedding has as much charm (or that I get to elope to Fiji…)

If you didn’t meet Bethann when she did a guest post for me last month, you should go check out Bethanimal Print ASAP!!  Again, I told you already how I deem any fashion blogger crush-worthy, but Bethann is in a league all her own.  BA is a real life friend, turned blogging friend.  BA isn’t just an abbreviation for her name, but I think its also for Bad Ass.  I mean only a BA could pull off glittery gold heals on a bike ride.

My next blog crush is on Chrissy from Let Me See You Sparkle.  Chrissy is a like a ray of light on a gloomy day!  Seriously,  she spreads joy and if you sign up to be a part of her happy mail mission, she’s even send you a piece of happy mail!  I just adore her and you will too!

(Speaking of Sparkle,  I happen to be currently running a promo code for sponsors spots… just saying)

All three of these women are awesome and their blogs are part of my daily read list!  I can’t wait to see who everyone else is crushing on! It’s like the first day of school when you can’t wait to see which boys you’ll spend the rest of the year giggling about.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not A Player, I Just Crush A Lot

  1. You're too sweet! Thanks lovely for including me in this list! 🙂

    We need to meet up soon! Maybe a little date with me, you, & little miss pink on the cheek herself 🙂

    xo, Courtney


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