A Few Of My Favorite Things

Just like Fräulein Maria, I have a few favorite things.  But instead of singing about them (you’re welcome) I thought I would blog about them!

Tonight I am headed out of town, back to my hometown for my best friend’s baby shower.  I love parties, but especially parties that require decoration.  Seriously, throw a bridal shower,  a bachelorette party, a baby shower, or themed party my way and instantly my mind turns to decorations.  When a friend of mine opened her Etsy Shop, Let’s Wear Dresses, I was in soiree design heaven!

Let’s Wear Dresses

Elisa specializes in custom party supplies that will take your party from great to gorgeous! I mean seriously, I can’t wait to plan my next event!


One of the most important things to love!  When I saw this, I had to share!!

This month, I have to register my car in California, not only am I disappointed in the amount of money I am going to have to give up to register sweet little Fiona, but also my sadness stems from giving up my Arizona plate.  That plate was my home state identifier!  To help myself cope, I have been trying to find myself a new AZ identifiers.  Even if you aren’t from AZ, you can pay homage to your state with some of these cuties!

Print, Shirt, Necklace, Pillow

Know of some favorite things I should check out?  Let me know about them!  And don’t forget to get entered to win $50 to Compliment, one of the cutest jewelry stores on the web!

Happy Friday!!

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