Choosing your Before Picture

So I am about to embark on a little weight loss challenge.  I’m pretty excited about it and I promise I will share more about it as I see results.  In the meantime, I started thinking about what picture I wanted to use as my before pic.

I started searching through the minimal pictures I’ve allowed taken of me over the last 3 years (the years I like to call my “big year”).  My search quickly got pretty depressing as I compared which image made me look worst.

“Well my thighs look pretty massive in this one, but check out those thick love handles in that one!”

Which only made me look in the mirror to see how wide everything looked.  Feeling pretty deflated…err well I guess I felt as inflated as Garfield in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I decided to distract myself with a little Facebook stalking.  As life often does, it sent me the right message at just the right moment.

It’s so easy to forget that we are beautiful.  It’s so easy to just focus on the flaws and brush the good stuff to the side.  If only we saw ourselves the way others see us.  Imagine how much more confident we would be.  Imagine how happy we would be.

So I decided to stop my search for the most horrible picture.  Instead, I am going to find a photo that I like my smile, that my hair looks awesome and that I can look at and say, “All things considered, I look pretty darn good”.  And the best part is, I can only look better as I get back to a healthy weight.

So today, I want to reaffirm each of you reading this.  You are freaking gorgeous, extra freaking! If you haven’t already, learn to love the things about yourself that you can’t change.  Remember you were created to be just the way you are.  That, in itself, is truly beautiful.  So go out and stop worrying about being pretty enough and be beautifully yourself instead.

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