A New Beginning: Happily Ever Ashley

Wowza!!  A few things have changed around here! (except my URL because, well that seems pretty complicated at the moment, so I will get around to that eventually- you know, when I figure it out.)  No, my blog doesn’t have multiple personalities!

So why the change?

Well for one, my blog hadn’t felt like home in a while.    I know, I know, my blog has seen quite a few outfits over the last year, while I tried to find it’s style.

When I started blogging, I called my blog Oh Wells Instead Of What Ifs. I stood for all the reasons I started writing, but it was quite a mouthful.  So as things started picking up and blogging became a part of my life and not just some weird thing I liked to do on occasion, I decided to chop the name in half to make it a little easier.

But, Oh Wells Instead lost its meaning when “of what ifs” didn’t follow it.  In fact, it almost sounds a little negative.  Like I was saying “Oh Well” to life.  And in a lot of ways, I did say Oh Well.  And somewhere along the way, the voice that came so easily in the beginning, got harder and harder to find.

The words that changed it all

Then I went to Elevate and got inspired.
Inspired to have an honest, but uplifting place on the internet.
Inspired to tell my story.
Inspired to use my words.
Inspired to leave my imprint on the world, in the only way I know how.
Inspired to create.
Inspired to create the life I want- my happily ever after.

And just like that, a light bulb went on. {Ding!}  Happily Ever Ashley.  So here we are.

I was inspired by Ashley, Kimmie, Erin and Sarah, and one day, I hope I can share my story and pay the inspiration forward.  In the meantime, I hope Happily Ever Ashley is a place where you lovelies can join me in creating a happily ever after that is all your own.

P.S. Thanks for those of you that gave me your design opinions!

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