Moving… all forms

Recently, I moved into a new apartment.

It’s an interesting thing.
You pack up all your important things, and throw away the stuff you don’t need anymore. You take care to pack up the important bits in life.  You wrap the special things in bubble wrap and carefully layer the pieces.  Then the crap that has lost it’s use goes into an white trash bag in the corner with the old receipts and scraps from old crafting projects.

A few items require some consideration.
Is it worth hanging on to?
Can you live without it?

That white trash bag stays in the corner until all the important parts of your life are moved out and moved on.  Then, on your final sweep, you grab that garbage bag and drop it in the trash.  Then with little thought or remorse, off you go to your new life, your new place.

It’s a lot like life really.
Suddenly life changes.
You are excited for the new adventure, but a little part of you holds on to the past.  Maybe you just aren’t ready to let go of something, or maybe in an instance of strength, you know it is time for that bit of baggage to find it’s way to the white trash bag in the corner.  When you are ready to move on, you pack up the important pieces, taking care to wrap the important or fragile bits, then get rid of the excess- the things you can move on without.

I’ve done a lot of moving and moving on in the last five years.
Each time, despite my severe moving anxiety, it get a little easier.  I have a better idea about what is really important and what I can live without. The last five years have taught me what it is really worth keeping around.

It’s also taught me how to let go and how to replace.  I replaced my white wicker bedroom set of my youth with a “grown up” bedroom set.  I replaced an imagined future of  happy married life, a new home and babies with a new adventure, a new state and a happy new lease on life.


Don’t be afraid of moving or moving on.  It’s good for the soul.  Every so often it’s important to evaluate if you really need all the stuff you’ve been hanging on to.  Sometimes, there is joy hiding underneath all that baggage.

3 thoughts on “Moving… all forms

  1. Ohmygosh I'm moving states at the end of June and it's certainly difficult for me to decide what things to part with!! But when I look in a closet and see things I haven't looked at for 2 years.. I know it's time to say goodbye!!


  2. So true, I'm in the process of moving and getting rid of all the crap that takes up my closet and my life is always a good thing. Cheers to your next adventure!


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