Is Thursday Too Late For A Weekend Recap?

I submit that it is not!  I really had a pretty awesome weekend exploring Southern California and I feel like it is time to relive it with all of you!

Saturday began bright and early with a trip to the Farmers Market.  Is there anything better than endless amounts of free samples of the freshest fruit, veggies, breads, hummus, goat cheese, nuts, and tarts?  I got strawberries that were picked early that morning- delicious, lots of goodies for salad making, my favorite almond hummus,  my favorite seasoned almonds,  delicious Rainier cherries that remind me of summer days spent in Montana, peaches that are making my mouth water just thinking about them and goat cheese that will change your life.

The farmers market I frequent has dozens of stands.  I love being able to support local farmers and feel like I am getting a good price for my fresh produce.

Then I had to go get two new tires for Fiona the Ford Focus… 
She was thrilled. I was not.  
The good news is it gave me a chance to venture over to The Camp, a retail space that combines sophistication with active lifestyle stores, fresh food bistros and an all around “cool” vibe.  It is there I discovered a gem I am going to be sharing with you all tomorrow for my new Friday, I’m in Love Link Up!  (Don’t forget to come join me!!)
With a fresh set of tires, I was off down the coast to Del Mar for the San Diego County Fair, where I met up with friends for some beer tasting.  I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a beer aficionado, but I was excited to find two new beers to hunt for at the local grocery store.  
The first was not actually a beer but a cider called Crisp Apple by Angry Orchard. I’m a big cider fan and this one is perfect for summer.  Their website also has a list of ways you can use it to mix up your favorite cocktail!  
Then I was standing in line, waiting to try something similar to a Blue Moon, when a random stranger said, “try the Dead Guy”.  I was hesitant to break away from my light and fruity beer routine, but something about this strangers conviction told me to take a chance.  It was delicious.  I will be hunting down some Dead Guy immediately… err that sounded weird!
After more beers than I care to recount and our “fair” share of fried food (note to self:  while bacon wrapped fried pickles followed by deep fried cookie dough sounds like a good idea in theory, it is never a good idea) we were off to see Steve Miller Band.  I’m never one to complain about live music and while I didn’t know all the songs, I danced like I did.  
Sunday was so beautiful it practically demanded I spent my time outdoors.  Since I’m sure half of California was headed to the beach, my roommates and I headed to the pool.  
I made tomato, onion and red wine soaked beef skewers on the grill and an amazing summer pasta salad (I’ll share the recipe next week maybe)!  Then I settled into my lounge chair with my new book!
Here’s hoping for another beautiful weekend ahead!  Do you have big plans for this weekend?  

One thought on “Is Thursday Too Late For A Weekend Recap?

  1. The brewery that makes Dead Guy has their hop yard/tasting house/farm super close to where I live. I highly recommend most things made by Rogue. Glad you enjoyed it!


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