Life Lately: That Time I Went Blog Missing

You must think I disappeared right along with Google Reader huh?  Nope, still here, just slacking. So to ease myself back into writing regularly, here is a little glimpse of life lately according to my IPhone.

Finally got my room together!  I’ve still got lots to add to my gallery wall, but I think my neighbors were pleased that I finished hammering for a while.  Oh and see that black canvas in the middle.  Come back later this week to see how I made it!

Not only did I pick up these gorgeous bracelets over the weekend from Threads, but I got to meet the Ashley, in the flesh!  Oh my gosh you guys, she is just as sweet in person as she come across on her blog.  Can we be best friends?

I met a little nugget named Rosalie who stole my heart and simultaneously tugged on my uterus and begged me to make her a best friend.  Not now uterus, not now.  I couldn’t get enough of my best friend’s perfect little girl.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t momentarily consider taking her home with me.

I painted my nails and had some fun with a paint pen.  I’m usually more of a neutral nails girl, but the heart kind of won me over!

My cousin found this super old picture of the two of us and I fondly remembered the days when I could pull of bangs and baby pink.

I celebrated independence with a bottle of champagne and a marathon of Lifetime Movies.  It’s not Independence Day with out The Elisabeth Smart Story or the Blue Eyed Butcher.

Minnie Mouse and I had something in common last week.  What can I say, I’m kind of addicted to the nail paint pen.

I got super inspired by something I heard in social media conference, so I decided to draw it.  Too bad I didn’t follow the advice- hence my 2 weeks of silence.

Don’t worry, I am getting back on track!  With that said, join me this Friday for Friday I’m In Love!  Where you can link up and share all of your favorite things from the week!

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