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Because I am sick (again) I have spent the last 2 days watching tons of movies on Netflix.  I have to admit, that even though almost none of the movies that have been on my instant queue are blockbuster hits, I have to say they have given me some wisdom.  I think it is important to note at this point that I don’t claim to have good taste in movies.  I like almost all movies but sappy love stories tend to climb to the top of my list followed by uplifting sports flicks.  With that said, here are a few of the movies I’ve been watching on my laptop!

Forever Strong
Sweaty, dirty, dedicated boys aside, this movie was actually pretty good.  It had me from the beginning when I found out it was loosely based on a kid from Arizona.  I laughed, I cried, and more than anything I appreciated the solid values this movie portrayed.  Oh, and it’s about Rugby- something I know little about- but enjoyed anyway. 
A Warriors Heart
Clearly I was in a sports mode.  This movie, about a lacrosse player brought me back to high school when I was super attracted to the lacrosse team… pretty much anyone that played lacrosse.  There was just something super hot about how brutal the sport was- Kellan Lutz didn’t disappoint.  Yep I cried in this one too.  A Warriors Heart is a story about a troubled boy who uses sports to become a man. Sounds cheesy? I loved it!
About Adam
Even if you set aside how distracting it is to watch Kate Hudson use an Irish accent, this movie was not my thing.  It must have been released in Europe because as the movie ended I was mad at all the characters. I mean I know sisters are taught to share, but this was too much.  I guess I don’t think a playboy or liars are attractive.
Waiting For Forever
This one started out slow, but it’s easy to fall in love with the main character’s quirky ways.  I adored his crazy conviction and warm heart.  Basically he’s a guy you want to be friends with.  And Rachel Bilson stay true to her usual character.  It’s the story of a man who holds strongly to hope and love.  
A Little Bit Of Heaven
Okay, I only have one complaint with this movie and it’s the scenes that happen in “heaven”- they were cheesy.  Otherwise, I loved this movie.  Have a box of tissues ready!  I mean, get ready for ugly faced tears. It’s a story about the life in death.  I loved the perspective and the way it took a sad topic and made it uplifting.
Love, Wedding, Marriage
Mr. Lutz makes another appearance on my queue.  I really liked this movie because it talked about some of the things I wish I’d known before I got married.  Basically, it’s the story of a recently married marriage counselor who finds out her parents are getting a divorce and her attempt to fix it.  I liked one part so well I actually wrote it down.
“Wine makers purposely deprive the grapes of water and overwhelm them with sunlight, stressing them out.  Only the best and strongest grapes survive, but those are the grapes that make the best wine.  It’s a lot like marriage.  Only the ones that can handle the hard stuff turn out to be the finest wine.”
Seen any good Netflix movies lately?  Let me know about your favorites, in case I’m still sick tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Netflix Picks

  1. Love that you shared these! Just added “Waiting for Forever” and “Love, Wedding, Marriage” to my instant queue! Also found one you might like while I was adding these – check out “Beauty and the Briefcase” – I added it too!


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