Why Not Have A Little Calamity

“Smooth rides make boring stories. A little calamity, that’s worth talking about.” –Meredith Grey

Of course one of my favorite quotes would be from Grey’s Anatomy.  So I guess maybe I should attribute this quote to Shonda Rhimes instead.  To that I ask you, what crisis couldn’t be solved or comforted with a Grey’s quote?  
We all face our fair share of calamities over the course of our lives.  My “disasters” may not be the same as yours, but the scope is relative.  And there is something to be said for the little daily disasters that make life interesting.  

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  Thinking about the calamities that I’ve faced.  Thinking about the bumps they’ve caused in my road.  Some felt more like sink holes than bumps, both causing a less than easy ride.  I can’t help but wonder what life would have been like if things turned out more smooth.  Sure it would have been nice if things had worked out “exactly how they are suppose to”.  But that just wasn’t the life I was meant for.  

Even from birth, my life didn’t follow the plan.  I was born almost a month late.  Something my mom probably considered to be a calamity.  As I grew up those bumps in the road were kind of exciting- like going down a hilly road just fast enough to feel that drop in your stomach that you feel on a good roller coaster.  Sure there were some sharp turns that came out of nowhere, but I had a knack for seeing the bright side. Oh to be young, naive and resilient again. 

I wish I could pinpoint the moment that the drop in my stomach became less fun.  These days I seem to always navigate my route in advance.  Planning as best I can for any bumps that may exist.  The days of taking on life with the windows down and no road map are few and far between.  Now I can’t afford to just turn off on some unnamed road and see where it leads.  It’s become less easy to appreciate the bumps as experience.  The potholes seem to ware on me more.  I’m always a little worried that the road might just crumble under my feet entirely.  

But this quote, the one I wrote down 3 years ago, while watching an episode of Grey’s (thanks Timehop app for reminding me), spoke to me when I was at a the bottom of a major sink hole.  

Today, even though my path has been relatively smooth lately, this quote hit me again.  For an entirely different reason.  Three years ago, I needed to be reminded that it’s the calamities that build character.  That if nothing else, my experience would give me something to talk about, a way to relate to others.  

But today I wonder, have I been playing thins too safe?  Have I been so worried about protecting myself that I am missing out? Have I been so busy avoiding the bumps and the potholes that I’ve missed the best adventures?

Maybe I need to shake things up a little.  Maybe my life could use a little less calculation and more adventure. Maybe a little calamity (and I stress the word little) is just what I need. If nothing else the bumps will give me something to blog about right?

Without the little calamities, I wouldn’t have stories like the time I tried to break into my boyfriends house.  Or the time a missing black flip flop crippled my packing progress.  Or the day that not even rice-support could save my iPhone.  Despite how irritating these stories were as they were happening, they were worth talking about.  I’m ready to have some new stories to tell.  I ready to take a few risks and see what bumps life throws my way.  Mostly I’m hoping some new risks could lead to some of the most wonderful stories of my life!

Who knows, in three years, this quote may have an entirely different meaning to me.  What does it say to you?  (Oh and bless your heart for making it all the way to the of this post).

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