Sweating Sexy Back

What I am about to do absolutely terrifies me.  

I’m about to tell you about my size.  I’m about to tell you my weight, my measurements and show you what my body really looks like.

Somehow it’s easy for me to write about the things on my heart, but talk about the number on the scale or why I’ve let it get where it is; those things have been locked up tightly in a vault.

I don’t talk about it because I have never been good at committing to myself. I always have high hopes, but two days later I quietly fail.  Oh, and of course humiliation.

But two things are different this time.
One, I’ve had enough.  I am about to be 28 and I am determined to be in the best shape of my life this year.  I haven’t been comfortable in my body for too long, so it’s about time I make my health a priority.

Two, I’m not alone.  My friend Julie and I, even though we are in different states, are in this together.  We even have a bet going that involves the purchase of a new Lululemon outfit! We are motivating each other and have about the same amount we want to lose.  80 pounds.

This is Julie and I at a wedding in February.  Consider this our before picture.

We’re on a mission.  A mission to sweat sexy back.  I’m ready to be awesome.  You’re going to get to know Julie too over the next few months because she is going to be posting here every other week. You will be able to follow our journey while we are sweating sexy back.

Once a week, one of us will be writing about our successes, our challenges, our healthy recipes, our workouts and what ever else related to our weight loss journey.  This is not something that will be easy for us, but our hope is that this weekly post will help us to motivate each other to stay on track and maybe help motivate others to reach their fitness goals.

Once a month, I will be sharing my progress, so here is the starting point:

The measurements
Before pictures.  
Made small intentionally to make my tummy, thighs and tush look smaller. Did it work? No? 
That my friends is what 80 excess pounds looks like.  And it’s also what I will never look like again.

There it is.  In writing.  Forever out in the world.  Instantly, I’m reconsidering hitting publish.

But, I will post it, because I am committing to changing my life. I’m committed to sweating sexy back.  And I’m committed to making Julie buy me Lulu gear!  Adios double chin, belly rolls, back fat and (let’s face it) boobs.

Thanks for joining me on my lifestyle makeover.  I hope you’ll all share with me your successes as well.  Lord knows, I can use all the motivation I can get.  Oh, and be sure to come back next Sunday to meet Julie! She’ll be introducing herself and taking over my blog for the day!

7 thoughts on “Sweating Sexy Back

  1. do you know how motivational this post has been to me in the few minutes it took to read it. i'm 25 to be 26 this year and i have never felt as unhealthy and blah with my body and weight as i do now. my husband and i have starting trying to make a change in our body, diet, exercise in hopes in getting to where we want to be before we even think about children – i cannot wait to read about your journey and i know you will have plenty of cheerleaders ready to give you motivation when the going gets tough!!


  2. This is amazing and so inspirational!!! As someone who has struggled with her weight for many years, this post brought tears to my eyes! Wishing you best of luck on reaching your goals! With a great support system, you can do anything!!!


  3. Good for you!! Congrats for being so brave!! I started making a similar life change and it's been good and bad and tough and fun, but I'm so glad that I started! I've lost 20 pounds so far and have 60 to go!! Keep up the good (hard) work!!


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