The Ending Is Gonna Suck, But The Middle Will Be Pretty Great

Beginnings are my favorite. I get so excited at the promise of a new beginning. Beginnings hold endless amounts of adventure. And the right beginning could be the start of something wonderful.

I’ve been waiting for a certain beginning and, if I’m being honest, my patience is wearing thin. I’m waiting for that one special beginning. The one that every girl waits for. The beginning of the life she’ll share with someone really extraordinarily special. I had some pretty good starts up to this point, but each of them came with an ending.  Each ending came with a lesson. I have to believe those lessons helped me become a better, stronger person.   The lesson that continues to ring true though is a simple one.   Treat every day like it’s just the beginning.  Live a life full of “chapter one” excitement, and I don’t think you can go wrong.

I guess today I am just feeling excited for the promise of a new beginning. Even if that beginning is just a new day! Happy Monday loves!

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