Sweating Sexy Back: Setting Goals That Don’t Rely On A Scale

So I have been thinking a lot about goals lately.  Mostly, I have been disappointed because I haven’t been reaching the numbers on the scale I had expected to hit!  I should also mention that the month of October hasn’t been particularly successful for me.  It’s been easy to miss gym appointments because I have been busy at work and eat something that’s more convenient than healthy.  That said, even with my not so consistent fitness and eating this month, I haven’t gained any weight back! Which is great news!

I decided to take a different approach.  Yes, the number on the scale still matters to me, but I think it’s healthier (at least mentally) for me to focus my attention on goals that I can count on accomplishing.

I made myself a list of fitness goals and I can’t wait to check each one off!  The number on the scale will fluctuate from time to time (especially since one day I hope to be pregnant), but no one will be able to take away the fitness goals I have accomplished. Besides, maybe with my focus on these goals, the number on the scale won’t be so daunting.

  • Run a 5K
  • Workout 66 days straight
  • Do 5 pull ups in a row
  • Master Crow pose
  • Finish a 10K in under an hour
  • Run a half marathon
  • Do 50 push ups in a row with correct form
  • Hold plank for 2 minutes
  • TRX handstand walk

I’m not changing up my routine.  I am still going to log all the calories I eat and the calories I burn, but I am also going to log how I am doing on these fitness goals starting with working out 66 days straight!

Why 66 days?  Well to be honest, I read an article in Shape Magazine that said that a recent study shows that you need more than 21 days to make something a habit and they suggested 66.  So I figured why not. Don’t worry, I am still going to have “rest” days by going on long walks or doing yoga.  It will be a huge feat if I make it through all the holidays without missing a single day of working out.  That’s the goal- make it to January 2nd without missing a day!  Day one- done!

I can’t wait to check every one of these things off my list!  What are some of your fitness goals?

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