It’s About Time

Oh. My. Gosh.  I am having one of those seemingly insignificant days that turns out to be unassumingly momentous.  Do you ever have one of those?

You see, movies, music and books have a profound effect on the way I see the world.  It’s why I avoid particularly gruesome movies, angry music and any written word that doesn’t inspire a passion for life.  Some how these mediums, tend to help me uncover feelings and thoughts I might not have happened upon otherwise.  I guess a shorter way of saying that, is just to say, they inspire me.

So anyway, I’ve been really busy lately.  October zoomed by in a blink.  Laundry piled, the refrigerator sat empty and my mind stayed active with the checking off of an endless to do list.  But this morning, the first day of non-daylight savings time, I finally had a day to myself.  I did some grocery shopping and made myself lunch and sat down on the couch.  After finishing my salad, I was headed into the kitchen to clean up when a commercial came on for the new movie, About Time.  I lingered, waiting patiently to see when it was coming to theaters and went straight to my laptop for movie times upon seeing it was “now playing”.

For a girl who is a self professed lover of love, this movie seemed like a natural Sunday pick.  For one, it is from the creators of Love Actually, probably one of my favorite movies about love. Plus, it stars Rachel McAdams, ruler of all love stories simply because of her perfect portrayal or Allie Hamilton.  I expected a delightful two hours filled with an adorable love story.  I certainly did get what I expected and more.  You see, I am a sucker for a good love story, but I am an absolute sap for a movie about loving life.  About Time was such a beautiful gentle reminder that one should never forget to make every ordinary second extraordinary and that I life loved is truly a life lived.

The movie quickly surged to the top of my favorites list. And not just because of scenes that took me back to my beloved London, including a particular escalator that I took regularly and upon seeing it I got a smack of nostalgia.  Or because the soundtrack, like all my favorite movies, was absolutely perfect!  I almost want to see it again, just to write down all the quotes that I need hanging on my wall.  I just adore movies that take a look at love from more angles than just significant others.  It wasn’t about the love of his life, it was about loving his life. To say I loved it feels like an understatement.

And it posed an interesting question.  If you could relive different moments, what would they be and would you change them?  Would you do things differently-big or little?  It would kind of be like reading one of those choose your own adventure books when, if you’re like me, you would read what happens after each choice and choose the best one.  It made me wonder, if I could go back in time right now, what might I change? If I did things differently, could I have avoided heartache?  Could I have avoided hard lessons?  Could I be living a different life?  Would it be worth it?

So why does seeing a movie alone get to qualify as a momentous day?  Why not.  It reminded me to slow down.  It reminded me how beautiful simplicity is. It reminded me to find joy in the ordinary. Most importantly, it reminded me to fill my life with love, instead of just looking for it.

Life and love are both so infinitely complex and equally beautiful.  About Time was a wonderful portrayal of just that.

In short, I highly recommend it!  If I haven’t convinced you yet, here’s the trailer!

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