Okay, So Maybe I’m A Little Sassy

First, be sure to check out some of the lovely sponsors on my sidebar!  Love these ladies!

Lately I’ve been feeling like a bit of a smart ass, so naturally, I’ve been attracted to the following items:

I mean could innuendo get any cuter?

Just as friendly as “Welcome”, don’t you think?

As a person who really likes sending cards to people, Julie Ann Art has made some of my favorites!

I’m totally getting this for Christmas day!

This is actually an ornament, but I might be recreating it into a tag for holiday wine gifts!
Hope you enjoyed a little sass on your Sunday!

One thought on “Okay, So Maybe I’m A Little Sassy

  1. You crack me up, yo! The first one with the toaster? BAHAHAHAHA I saw it this morning on pinterest and promptly sent it to the hubby. Hey, you never know right?
    Happy MONDAY!


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