What Would I Say?

Today I came across a new website that ate up at least 20 minutes of my time called What Would I Say. In the interest of giving everyone a good laugh, I had to share! Basically the site generates Facebook posts based on a mash-up of things you have said before.  Here are a few of my favorites it came up with for me!


What an interesting metaphor.

This one totally makes sense, Chumbabwumba night would be everyone’s favorite!

I prefer dance parties in the car, but a warm couch wouldn’t be bad I guess.  

Sounds like I’m pretty serious about Glee. 

They liked the color purple, macaroni and cheese, ruby red slippers and a bunch of trees?

Quite a luxury indeed!  


Yeah, he better!

Shake it, Shake it Shake it, Haka!

Is there a socially acceptable form of hoarding and if so, who has time for that?


Yes, let’s hang out soon Vegas.

Love, support, laughter and wine sounds like a good place to live if you ask me!
Need a good laugh or need to waste 20 minutes of your day?  Check out What Would I Say!

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