Life Lately: Fun vs. Stress

Stress.  It creeps up when you’re not expecting it sometimes.  It shows up disguised as tension at work, added responsibilities at home, financial troubles, holiday chaos and arguments.  I have been living the last few months relatively and blissfully stress-free.  Until today.  For some reason, today, shit hit the fan.

Everything fell apart all at once and today I’m having a hard time putting on rose colored glasses and feeling confident that it will all be okay.  So in an effort to not dwell on the stress knots slowly building in my back, I thought I would do a little recap of all the stress-free fun I’ve been having lately!

I did one of those color runs!  It was pretty fun, although I must admit, I didn’t run the whole thing.  I still maintain I am not a runner.  I want to be, I really do, but I just don’t think it is my destiny.  No matter, I like any excuse to put on a tutu.

Like I mentioned here, I’ve got some “cool shit” in the works.  Want to do some cool shit of your own?  I highly recommend reading this baby!  It made the idea of being an entrepreneur less scary by sharing real experience.  

I spent some time with my favorite munchkins.  They always make me laugh with their shenanigans. 

I celebrated Black Friday by going back to my natural hair color or almost black and getting my hair cut.  For the last few years I have played with cuts and colors, but this seems to be my old favorite.  I look like myself and I like it.  

I met a member of the Sons of Anarchy cast and decided it was time I check out the series,  it’s been two weeks and thanks to Netflix, I’m halfway into season three.  Can you say obsession?

On my drive to and from Arizona, I really noticed how gorgeous the state is.  I’ve never appreciated the beauty of desert landscaping until I wasn’t surrounded by it every day.  

I met up with all my favorite crafters to share food, wine and craftiness.  We made these wreaths together.  I’m pretty happy with how mine turned out, except now I want to make more. #crafterprobems.
When life is getting stressful, what do you do to decompress? Let me in on your de-stress secrets!

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