Envious Of Fashion Bloggers

I love fashion, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a fashion blogger.  I’ve always wanted to be a fashionista.  Seriously.  I spend way more time that I should ever admit to pinning outfits and ripping paged from magazines for inspiration.

Inspiration that I rarely use.

Why? Well for one, when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I tend to opt for 30 minutes of extra sleep over figuring out the perfect outfit/hair/accessories/makeup combo.  Also, my wardrobe tends to err on the side of inexpensive and plain. Oh and of course, there is the issue of not wanting to stand out, but I am working on that one.

So today I thought I might tribute some of my favorite fashion bloggers, their perfect hair, flawless skin, genius ensembles, fabulous shoes, to-die-for accessories and their knowing grins.

I mean does Cara of Cara Loren not have the most gorgeous hair on the planet?  She’s also got fabulous style!

 I love a girl that will rock a tutu!  Corilynn has this incredible classic style and a shop with many of the fab pieces from her blog!

Bethann of Bethanimal print has an incredible way of melding dressy and casual to create one chic look after another.  

If you looked up glamorous, you might find Julia of the aptly named Gal Meets Glam.  Chic, timeless and absolutely fabulous!

Kristal is from my home state of Arizona and named her blog Sincerely Arizona accordingly.  Another gal with envy worthy hair and feminine fabulous style!

What I love about Courtney from What Courtney Wore is that she is adventurous!  She combines feminine with edge and makes it looks so easy.  Oh, and now she has a TV show on Bravo too!

Katie from Running on Happiness has been one of my favorite style bloggers for a long time.  She has a surprising feminine style and a knack for pulling an outfit together in a way so creative it seems simple.

So, why the tribute? Well, let’s just say you might see a style post around these parts very soon inspired by my new IWYP By: Whitney Ellen shirt.  Have you guys checked out her monthly designs?  So stinking cute!  And who doesn’t love a slightly sassy t-shirt?

There is still time to order this month’s #OOTD shirt if you head over to I Wore Yoga Pants! I already ordered mine- we could be twinsies!!

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