Say Something

There is something so magical about getting onto hardwood floor in front of a wall of mirrors and expressing your heart through movement to words and beats.

Even now, years since I have been on a stage or even been to a dance class, when I find a song that captures a feeling, I find myself yearning to let my arms and legs express the words my lips might not have been able to.  Once the song and the movement come together, I become whole again.  I always loved being on stage because somehow whatever I was feeling during a particular dance felt validated when people watched me pour my heart onto the dance floor.  It’s like they were listening to my internal dialog and understood me- whether they knew it or not.  I wanted my audience to feel what I was feeling.  Now even if it’s just my reflection watching it helps me feel whole.  Thank goodness for mirrored closets and reflections in sliding glass doors.

Writing helps to do the same thing.  Sharing my thoughts through writing has always been easier than speaking them.  It’s not that I don’t always tell people what I think- because I do- but I don’t always articulate it the way I mean to.  Writing feels more natural- kind of like just feeling the movement of an emotion to a song.  Somehow, sharing my thoughts with the world in this space has helped make them clear, valid and makes me feel more whole, in the same way being on stage used to.

Then I read these words and suddenly it all made sense:

“Writers, like dancers, do what they do because of a need to communicate, not just with
an immediate circle of friends or acquaintances, but with a much vaster circle made up of
individuals they might never meet.”

I think its all about sharing artistry.  I certainly was never the best dancer and I know I am not the best writer, but there is so much to be gained by sharing.  Watching other people dance often moves me and reading the words of my fellow bloggers gives me strength, perspective and inspiration.

Tonight it was this cover of Say Something, that got me in front of a mirror and then tapping on my keyboard.  What moves you?

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