On My Sh*t List

So by now you’ve probably figured out I am not the most consistent blogger.  I wish I could be one of those rock stars that gets a post published every single day, but I’m not.  So here we are.

You know what I really don’t care for?  That feeling where your stomach jumps up into your throat and then falls back down again.  You know, like when you are on a roller coaster and go down that first big drop?  Well actually I don’t mind that feeling so much when I am actually on a roller coaster, it’s when it happens outside of an amusement park that it bothers me- like when you take a big risk or you get terrible news.  Putting yourself out there and taking a risk can yield big rewards, but waiting to see the results usually puts knots in my stomach.   And terrible news, well, no one likes terrible news.

You know what else I really don’t care for?  Trying to meet someone.  I am very comfortable being in a relationship and really comfortable being single and avoiding dating.  But once I start to get a crush on someone, I turn into a 14 year old version of myself.  It’s like I instantly regress and have the urge to start drawing hearts all over a notebook.   It’s like I’m a pink heart covered version of The Hulk.  “Don’t make me crush on you.  You won’t like me when I’m crushing.”  Just like The Hulk, this is something I need to learn to control.  Maybe more solitude?

While we are talking about things I don’t like, I’d like to add hangovers, mean people and Alzheimer’s Disease to the list.  I’ve had to deal with all three this week and aside from the hangover, they couldn’t be avoided.  What’s on your shit list?

Is it time for 2014 yet? New beginnings are my favorite!

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