Inspired and Recommitted

I am so blessed to be friends with some pretty incredible women.  I try to surround myself with women that inspire me, challenge me and have traits I try to emulate.  Some of my friends are outspoken, but honest.  Some have incredible passion, courage and strength.  Some are fighters.  Some have unwavering faith.  But all of them have one thing in common, they are all great friends.

Last weekend, I got to watch some of my these women complete a half marathon.  For three of them it was their first half marathon- something that they approached with nervous determination.  I loved that I got to spend my day being a support system and a cheerleader for women that have so often been cheering me on in the race called life.  I was both proud and very inspired.

Someday, I will be able to cross running a half marathon off my bucket list too and I was re-inspired to reach that goal by watching them on Sunday. 
Here are some snapshot of the weekend, my beautiful friends and their incredible achievement!  
Checking out the expo with my little running belles!

Proud to be a part of one awesome cheer squad!

I know they got emotional crossing the finish line, but I was emotional for them too- thank God for dark sunglasses!  
The last few weeks have been a real struggle for me with sticking to my personal health and fitness goals.  You see outside of a squat challenge I have been doing with a few girlfriends,  I haven’t exactly been a gym regular.  I am a creature of habit, and when travel and scenery locations forced me to change my habits, I fell off the wagon.  I was eating my feeling,  eating out of boredom and eating, just to eat… oh and not hitting my daily calorie burn- not even close!  
It’s easy to make excuses and it’s hard to make sacrifices, but enough is enough. Starting now, (well as soon as what I am calling food poisoning, because I refuse to believe I have a stomach bug, goes away) I am back to focusing on my health.  Back to eating lots of fruits and veggies, and putting in my time at the gym.  Back to working my way, slowly but surely, to my own half marathon finish.  And back to being worth more than a basket of french fries dipped in ranch.  
Thank you to my girls, for inspiring me to get myself back on track again.  Love you all and I’m so proud of your accomplishments.  Next time, maybe I’ll be crossing the finish line with you!

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