As a single girl on Valentine’s Day it would be easy to write something about my distaste for the day or how it’s a commercial holiday.  If I’m being honest, I have a post sitting in my drafts about the ghosts of Valentine’s past.  It chronicles the harrowing tales of a young me navigating a day that occasionally fell in my favor but most often did not.  But after it was finished, I realized being in love isn’t the only thing Valentine’s Day is about.

I have decided to spread the love instead!

First let me say thank you! Thank you for giving me a place to share my soul.  Thank you for allowing me into your home, or your office, or your mobile phone and sharing the exciting journey that we call life.  Thank you for supporting me through the ups and downs of the last 3 years.  Thank you for your support, your encouragement and your feedback.  It means more to me than you know.  I want you to enjoy this space as much as I enjoy curating it.  Want to see more of something? Please, let me know!

Second, blogging is more than just a two way street.  It’s a community.  There are so many fabulous bloggers out there and I want to make sure you get to know them too!  Here are a few of the completely unsolicited bloggers I love!  Spread the love and introduce yourself to them!

Chrissy, or as I refer to her, my sparkle bunny is an absolute doll!  She’s a photographer, a crafter and regularly commits random acts of kindness.  You may remember her from this guest post!
I love Aunie’s raw honesty and she is pretty adorable too!

I met Allena last year at a blog conference and adored her ever since.  Get this, she is a jewelry maker, blogger and chemist. 

Jenn has a serious online obsession that rivals my own and she appreciates a good glass of wine.  Join her as she navigates her 20’s.

Tammy’s blog is one of the reasons I started blogging.  She is breathe of fresh San Diego air!

Tyler is a lawyer with her own brand of sassy southern charm!  You may remember her when she wrote a guest post for me here!

You might recognize Katie from this guest post.  She is absolutely fabulous and I often feel we share the same soul.  Her words are full of whimsy and gumption.  Simply put, read her blog!

Nay is amazing.  She has so much soul to share.  She is unapologetically herself and that is why I love her so much! You will be captivated by her kind hear too!
Nikki is a fashionable sweetheart with an adoration for lip gloss, hence the name.  I love her fashion posts because I can actually afford her style and she inspires me to amp up my daily style. See her guest post about Vegas style here!

I hope you’ll find some new blogs to love!  Happy Valentines day and of course Happy 102nd Birthday Arizona!

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  1. Oh sweet Ashley-what a lovely thing to do! Bloggers unite! Miss you bunches and bunches of oats!!! You have my heart forever. When can I squishy hug you?!


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