Shine On And A BIG Announcment

Last Friday, my friend Meagan and I had the pleasure of attending the Shine Headquarters open house here in Phoenix.  You guys know the super adorable Ashley from The Shine Project right?  

If you know The Shine Project, then  you probably know of (and if you’re like me, own a lot of)  Threads. Threads is a cause driven business that changes the future of at risk youth.  By employing them, paying them fair wages and even providing scholarships these students are able to go to college.  Many of Threads employees are first generation college students with dream of becoming nurses, broadcasters, writers and engineers.  

We got to meet some of these students first hand.  I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me a little emotional… but then again, what doesn’t.

After two years The Shine Project and Threads, grew into it’s own space and what an adorable space it is!  The walls are filled with inspiring words, some written by the HQ’s visitors and they even have a Polaroid wall that we now adorn!

Like I may have mentioned, I am totally obsessed with Threads, so walking in the door was like walking into accessory heaven.  My shopping euphoria was heightened when the staff offered to extend the chains in my new purchases to fit my extra large wrists!  Hooray!  
There were so many pretty things, it was hard to choose just one… so we didn’t.  We ended up with quite a haul of gorgeous jewelry and even some super cute tee’s!
It was a really fun way to spend a girls night, get new accesorries and support a business and cause we believe in!  If you are in the Phoenix Area, the Shine Headquarters are open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, otherwise, check out all their goodies in the online Threads store.   Don’t forget to follow Ashley on Instagram to see if she is headed to an event near you!
Since Meagan and I are working to start our own company, it was so inspiring to meet and connect with Ashley and see all the great things she is doing first hand! 
Speaking of… I’m starting a weddings and event company, Your Jubilee!!  I’m so excited that excited doesn’t even seem like a good enough word!  Our website isn’t live yet, but you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for updates and info!  We have some seriously awesome stuff coming down the pipeline that you won’t want to miss!

One thought on “Shine On And A BIG Announcment

  1. That's so wonderful you are starting your own wedding and events planning company! That is right up your alley! Looking forward to seeing photos from what will surely be some of the most memorable fetes! xoxo, Bethann


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