It’s something I have always struggled with. I try to be everything to everyone.  I juggle until there are so many balls in the air that the only thing to do throw them all really hard and hope I have enough time to sit down for minute.

I took some time this weekend to work on my balance.  Working a full time job, plus launching a company, plus catering to a person with Alzheimer, plus maintaining a social life, plus trying to stick to a fitness routine, plus breathing, is a lot to take on all at once. We all juggle a lot in this life. This weekend I needed a “me” break.

I didn’t read my emails.  I didn’t worry about the work piling up.  I didn’t pack my days full of activities (even though I complained a time or two of boredom).

Instead, I:
I spent a whole day in bed.  Bed days are the best days!
I downloaded some new music and spent time mentally decorating my next apartment.
I worked out a plan for my week that made time for workouts and socializing.
I stayed at the gym for 90 minutes and wasn’t worried about the time. I felt great afterwards.
I washed my car (that’s twice in the last two weeks- Probably a personal record).
I read a book for leisure.
I cooked dinner for my family.
I enjoyed the sunshine.
I wrote this blog post.
I relaxed.

I did a little soul searching and realized that I need to work on being confident in who I am and what I do at the same time- usually it’s one or the other.  I need to get organized because if life goes the way I hope it will, things are only going to get busier.  I think the key to all this is balance.  If I can work more balance into every day, maybe I won’t feel like I need to shut down every now and then.  I think if I can learn to balance the “me” things with the rest of my life, the days won’t seem so hurried.

The truth is, my life is pretty incredible right now.  I am blessed to be doing work I love. Blessed to be able to give back to my family in a time of need.  Blessed to have an incredible group of women to call friends and a family whose bonds are growing stronger, despite challenges.  I keep getting that little tingling feeling that tells me I am right where I am suppose to be doing exactly what I am suppose to be doing.

So on this Tuesday, I challenge you to be balanced.  Don’t work your day away entirely for other people.  Take a little time to celebrate glorious you.  Go to the gym, read a book or take a bubble bath while being serenaded by your favorite singer.  Don’t get so overwhelmed with all the incredible things you have going for you that you mistake blessings for burdens.

Cheers to you!  Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Balance

  1. Love everything about this post. So much of my life lately has been focused on work and training for races that I've lost sight of other things along the way. I love that I'm not the only one struggling with this. Hopefully we can help each other remember to take a “me” day every now and then! I usually take one day off a month and just do me stuff; run, color my hair, lay around and read – it's so nice!


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