Oh Hey Stranger

I figure it’s time I post my monthly (not on purpose) post.  I always have these grand plans to post more regularly, but then life happens, and boy oh boy has it been happening.  Since my last post, Meagan and I did our first bridal show, which brought lots of new brides for the year ahead and we couldn’t be more excited!  I started a new nutrition plan, thanks to Tone It Up and I am finally seeing pounds really melt off.  Nutrition isn’t the only thing at play! I joined a new new gym called Fit Republic, and let me tell you, I am an obsessed “citizen”!  Let me give you the run down on all these awesome new updates real quick!

The bridal show was insane.  In just under 6 hours, we got to meet with hundreds of the 3000 brides in attendance.  It was both exhausting and fantastic!  Things are really starting to take off for our little baby business Your Jubilee.  We couldn’t be more proud of the work that has gone into making our business grow with integrity.  Seriously, I don’t know if I have ever been more proud of a professional achievement and we are just getting started!

A few friends and I went in together on the Tone It Up nutrition plan and I am pumped about my results just 4 weeks in.  I love the variety of food and recipes the plan offers!  I didn’t know that Brussel Sprouts (Ill be posting my favorite brussel sprouts and shrimp recipe soon) are quite possibly the most delicious vegetable in the world!  Plus the Tone It Up community definitely keeps me motivated.  I definitely feel like this has been a lifestyle change and a little over a week ago, the perfect gym opened to compliment all my work in the kitchen.

You might call me a little obsessed with Fit Republic, but when you combine some of the best fitness coaches/instructors in their fields with a state of the art, gorgeous facility, it’s hard not to drink the kool-aid!  Basically Fit Republic has taken all of your favorite boutique gyms (Hot Yoga, Regular Yoga, Spin, Crossfit, and Body weight training (including HIIT, TRX, Barre and Boxing) and put them all in one place.  I swear to you I have never sweat so much in 10 days in my life.  I always leave class feeling empowered, motivated and pumped for my next class.  Plus their smoothies are craveable and the locker room is luxurious.  I love the little community that is building around this place and I can’t wait to see how the gym grows and how I shrink!

So that’s just a snapshot of my life over the last month.  Here’s a few more snapshots to boot!

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