Their Beautiful Mess

Love is taking over the cooking, the cleaning and the care-taking when she really can't anymore. Love is letting her yell at him daily and then simply rubbing her arm and saying it will be alright. Love is always defending her even when what she is saying makes no logical sense. Love is always being by her [...]

The Messy Bits

Love.A seemingly simple word that I think has one of the most complicated meanings in life. I'm a self proclaimed lover of love, but lately my admiration has been challenged.  What I called love has failed too often and I've started to lose faith.  This hopeless romantic needed to redefine love before the word romantic [...]

Hitting a Homer

This is one of those really honest posts, the ones that get a little messy and maybe a little long. The ones that aren’t easy to post, but are somehow so freeing. Good luck! If love were a baseball game, you might call 1st base dating, 2nd base a monogamous relationship, 3rd base getting engaged and [...]