Little Victories

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So it’s been a long week and I have been having a hard time deciding what I wanted to write about today, until I drove home from work.
Have you ever been eye to eye with a man being chased by the cops?  Have you ever had over a dozen guns pointed in your general direction?  It makes your drive home far more interesting.
So, I had decided to try a new way home, a “shortcut” that got me totally lost.  I spotted the freeway in the distance so I was winding my way back towards it when I got stopped at a red light.  It was a T stop.  You could go right or left only.  I chose Left.  Just then I heard a bunch of sirens and saw a black car, with rear bumper dragging, race through the intersection.  More police cars came up behind me and snuck by.    A helicopter flew overhead.  Oooo, how exciting, my first California car chase! 
Wait, the helicopter was headed back my way.  An instant later the black car was back, moving much slower this time and missing it’s rear bumper.  It continued to slow until it came to a complete stop just feet from my car.  Fiona the Focus was a little nervous.  So like any sane woman, I stared down the driver.  Our eyes met and I sent him all the mental notes I could.  Please don’t shoot me, please don’t hit me.  Please don’t try to hijack my car next.  While my eyes stayed fiercely planted on the hijacker, my lips didn’t keep their cool.  “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!”  Damn it lips, you are totally blowing my calm collected cover! 
You bet I made a diagram.  I’m the blue box!
By now police cars were surrounding me and the driver,  guns drawn.  Alright, it was time to make my getaway!  Luckily one of the police officers had been reading my lips and motioned for me to sneak around his car and turn right. 
Adrenaline was pumping as I approached the next light where I saw the black bumper, a hubcap and various other car parts left behind.  I was tempted to make a u-turn, but thought better of it, found the freeway and continued home. 
After I got home I hopped on the Internet to see if I could find a picture with my car in it from the incident.  Like any good blogger I was beating myself up for not snapping a picture.  I mean, I guess there were more important things to worry about than whipping out my Iphone in that moment.  After searching for the story, I found out the driver must have started moving again and rammed a police car a few time before police fired shots at him and caught him.  Crazy right?
This week’s little victory is making it home from work today.  Getting lost but finding my way back.  Making it out of the way of police fire and feeling personally initiated to California by being a part of a car chase. 
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One thought on “Little Victories

  1. You have to know that the light you are creating and sharing here is such a good thing– thank you for that.

    I'm a day late and a whole lot short but I'm following ya now from the GFC hop. If you're up for a bit of a ride– I'd just love to have ya with me at where life is a wave and we're paddling out to meet it, (and also praying really hard that we don't wipe out– at least not too often) =).



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