Nutella Croissants

On Sunday, before I began thinking about swimsuits, bikini's and the beach (oh my!), I felt like baking.  Sometimes, I love to take on a baking adventure and create some glorious treat from scratch.  I have made elaborate cupcakes, pies and every category of treat!  Well, on Sunday, I had spent my morning working at [...]

Women That Inspire- Part Two

Today I am thrilled to have my friend Molly as my guest.  In addition to being one of the funniest women I know, she has also always been a support system when I really needed it.  Molly has recently started a blog (I’ve been waiting for this blog for years.) She has the best stories, [...]

What My Twenties Have Taught Me… So Far

Today I was inspired by Sarah over at Fairy Tales Are True. I was captivated, not only by her own list of things she learned (and her in general.  Seriously, she is pretty awesome), but also by the many other bloggers she featured and links to even more women who had things to share.   I [...]

Speghetti… Squash Style

Spaghetti Squash with Chicken in Tomato SauceThis weekend I decided to experiment with spaghetti squash. I had tried making it before and it wasn’t very good. This time it was really delicious! You can’t really tell from the picture, but seriously folks this was a low-cost, low maintenance, low-calorie, super delicious meal. Here’s how to [...]