Gift swap, swap, swaperoo

Hooray, it's time to reveal my gift swap partners!!  First I want to thank the lovely Tabitha, Janna, and Kelly for putting everything together.Next I want to apologize to my partner Michelle of  Michelle's Pixie Dust.  I am really bad at mailing things.  Like seriously, it takes weeks to get the package out to my car and [...]

I dreamt I had Victoria’s Secret model abs

 I think I have mentioned this before, but long ago, I was an aspiring model/actress.  Well, really I was an aspiring actress, but got coaxed into modeling for my height.  Modeling was not my thing.  I could never get skinny enough to appease my agent.  I was a dancer, with an athletic body.  Waif would [...]

Giant Birthday Giveaway

Today, August 20th, is my 27th birthday!  I am actually traveling across country today for work, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to have an AWESOME birthday.  Why you ask?  Well today I am hosting a HUGE giveaway for my readers!  I have always been more concerned about putting together the perfect swag bag [...]

Really Quick…

Hi!!!  I just wanted to post really quickly because I am in San Diego for the weekend and we have quite a lot on our itinerary.  (See my Instagram for a sneak peak of my day at the races in Del Mar and fabulous dinner at Finch's in La Jolla.  Review to come!)Anyway, my lovely friends [...]