Giant Birthday Giveaway

Today, August 20th, is my 27th birthday!  I am actually traveling across country today for work, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to have an AWESOME birthday.  Why you ask?  Well today I am hosting a HUGE giveaway for my readers!  I have always been more concerned about putting together the perfect swag bag [...]

Women That Inspire Wednesday- a day early

Last week, a bright literary star from the writing heavens was ripped from us.  A truly great writer passed away leaving only her laughably honest screenplays and eloquently relatable pro's for us to remember her by.  Today I salute you, Nora Ephron.  You may have single handedly made entire generations of women eager to experience [...]

Women That Inspire Wednesday – A day late, but what’s new?

Maybe it's because I love that she lets the world in on her life, good and bad. Maybe it's because she is the type of business woman I always believed I would be (but have yet to become). Maybe it's because she has found a way to balance career success with family success. Maybe it's [...]

What Is Beautiful? What Is Healthy?

Typically I don't engage in issue debates on Facebook.  Last week, I read a post about a segment on the Today Show.  You can watch the segment and read the article here.  My feelings about the post and the conversation that ensued has stuck with me for a few days so I decided to write about [...]