It’s About Time

Oh. My. Gosh.  I am having one of those seemingly insignificant days that turns out to be unassumingly momentous.  Do you ever have one of those?You see, movies, music and books have a profound effect on the way I see the world.  It's why I avoid particularly gruesome movies, angry music and any written word [...]

Netflix Picks

Because I am sick (again) I have spent the last 2 days watching tons of movies on Netflix.  I have to admit, that even though almost none of the movies that have been on my instant queue are blockbuster hits, I have to say they have given me some wisdom.  I think it is important [...]

Why Women Love Twilight- Yeah, I went there!

Nerd Alert!!!!Yes, I like Twilight.  Make fun of me if you want to.  I don't care.After having seen the final installment of Twilight this weekend, and leaving the theater with my heart broken because Edward Cullen still doesn't exist, I decided to break down all the reasons that I(and all women) love the central themes [...]

Weekend Art, Collections and Sports

Over the next couple of weeks, while I get ready for the big move, my blog might be quieter than usual.  I am making a point to only work on it when I am home alone.  I only have about 10 more days to soak up as much time with my friends, family and boyfriend, [...]