Dance Doesn’t End When Your Knees Give Out

Today I want to share about something I really love.  Like love down to my core.  Just like SJP in Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I love to dance.

Dance begins very early and if your lucky it lives  in your soul forever.

Just because you can’t kick your nose anymore doesn’t mean dance won’t always run through your veins.  I am always reminded of this whenever I see anything dance related.  It’s common for me to get chills or tear-up when I am watching So You Think You Can Dance or the latest dance movie. 
It’s the way that a movement can match so perfectly with a sound  that evoke intense emotion.  I
This video (yes, it is a clip from a silly dance movie) really sums up my feelings about why we dance.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

For some, dance is a hobby.  For some, it is a career.  For many, it is a passion.  For me, it is my soul.  My knees forced me to slow down (to a near halt).  Now I dance for exercise, for fun and in the car.  I never miss an opportunity to watch an amazing dancer. 

Why do I dance? 
To this day, I am happiest barefoot on the dance floor.
I have always used dance as a way to deal with things that I couldn’t express emotionally.
On my worst days I still find open space and a loud speaker and just dance by myself.  Maybe it’s on top of my bed like Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On or maybe it’s in the middle of a vacant barn like in Footloose or maybe it’s a solo performance in the living room like Napoleon Dynamite.  Wherever I am, I just leave my day, good or bad, on the floor.

I can’t help but move.  If I hear music, chances are some part of me is bouncing to the beat. 
When I hear a song that is full of emotion I always start choreographing in my head.
When I’m happy I just can’t help but dance.

Do you have something that just lives in your soul? Please, please, please share!

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