My Life Lately In Pictures

Life has been pretty great lately.  Sure, I’ve had my fair share of bumps the last couple weeks, but here is a little peek at my life (only the great stuff) via pictures from my IPhone.  Enjoy!
1. I’ve spent a lot of time on the road the last couple weeks.  This seems to be my view a lot lately!2. This is my (my boyfriends) lover-face, Cali.  I call her my little angel face because she is such a trouble maker.  How could you be mad at that face?  3. The boyfriend and I spending some time on the beach. 4. Wheelchair soccer at summer camp.  This game is as intense as the World Cup, our kiddos are brutal yet so inspiring. 5. Camp in the pines.  Loved spending days cut off from the world.  6. Dinner in San Marcos and I just loved the menu. 7. I love me some beach time and try to get it as often as possible. 8. Feelin’ like a vixen with my red lips and top.
I just wish I would have taken better pictures at the fair.  Deep fried kool aide deserves a photo!  What does your life look like lately?

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