People Warned Me About You

SourceI usually try to give Monday a chance.  I believe in equal opportunities for all days of the week. I try not to believe the rumors about Monday and it being such a nasty biotch.You know, Monday can't help that it always follows the weekend!  I mean, imagine if you always followed a performance by Adele.  If [...]

And Now For a Commercial Break

Hello there guys and dolls.  Who are we kidding, it's mostly dolls.  Today I want to talk about something I know a lot about.  Not only was I an advertising major, but I am a television junkie.  Put those together and you get self determined commercial expert.  Okay, actually I kind of hate watching commercials.  Lately though, I've been [...]

Why Women Love Twilight- Yeah, I went there!

Nerd Alert!!!!Yes, I like Twilight.  Make fun of me if you want to.  I don't care.After having seen the final installment of Twilight this weekend, and leaving the theater with my heart broken because Edward Cullen still doesn't exist, I decided to break down all the reasons that I(and all women) love the central themes [...]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year…

No, I'm not talking about Christmas.  I'm talking about Tequila Sunrise, a Northern Arizona University tradition.  Right now, NAU alumni across the country are making their way to Flagstaff, Arizona to partake in a weekend of drunken extravagance.  We Lumberjacks don't have a great football tradition or die-hard fans, but we do have high altitude [...]