Why Women Love Twilight- Yeah, I went there!

Nerd Alert!!!!

Yes, I like Twilight.  Make fun of me if you want to.  I don’t care.

After having seen the final installment of Twilight this weekend, and leaving the theater with my heart broken because Edward Cullen still doesn’t exist, I decided to break down all the reasons that I(and all women) love the central themes of Twilight.  Judge me all you want!

First lets talk about Bella.  Whether you are a fan of K. Stew or not, Bella is the every woman.  We’re all a little clumsy.  We all wonder why that guy would like us.  Her family isn’t perfect. We all want to be hopelessly in love.  Even though we are strong independent women of the 21st century, we kinda like being saved, especially by the man we love.  We have all felt the hopelessness of a broken heart.  We all want a guy to want us so desperately he refers to us as his own brand of heroine.  We want a guy that will lay there all night while we sleep on his chest (and not move just because he’s not that comfortable. When I fall alseep on you, you stay put!)    We all want to be young forever.  We all want to be beautiful forever.  She reminds us of the best version of our 18 year old selves.  Yeah, that Bella is one lucky bitch.

Edward:  What is it that is so hot about Edward?  Oh I don’t know, how about everything?!  And I am not talking about his looks.  He has the manners of a true gentleman.  He is protective and tough and ridiculously thoughtful.  He is ironic and funny.  He has incredible strength but is always so gentle with Bella.  He’s not afraid to love.  He loves in the way every woman wants to be loved- out loud and without concern for what others might think.  He says all the things every woman wants to hear from her man.  Sure the danger is a little sexy and so is the rock hard body, but it’s the way he loves Bella that makes us melt.

The Cullen Family:  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that family.  You have the super cool, sweet and stylish Alice.  The slightly creepy but comical Jasper.  The sassy but loving Rosalie.  Everyone’s favorite older beefy brother Emmett. Plus Carlisle and Esme are like the coolest adoptive parents ever!  Everyone dreams of marrying into a family that is as open and accepting as the Cullen’s (Rosalie as the initial exception).  Plus they have each other’s backs.  Spending a lifetime with your family wouldn’t sound like such a punishment if your family was as cool as the Cullen’s.

Jacob:  Again, what’s not to love about two men fighting over you?  Jacob is all protective and angry and strong.  He represents adventure.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the wisdom that comes with decades of life.  He’s a little too cocky for my taste. (obviously I am team Edward).

Love: If you aren’t in love, you want to be in love.  If you are in love, you want that intensity to last forever.  Bella and Edward get to have that. We want a man with the looks of an 18 year old but the wisdom of a century.  We want a love that overcomes every challenge life throws at it.  We want to have vampire sex.  (Don’t pretend that you didn’t suffer through reading New Moon only to be disappointed that the sex didn’t show up until Breaking Dawn.)  We all are enthralled by a good love story.  Edward and Bella’s story encompasses all the good parts of any great love story.  It’s hard not to wish for your own epic love story.

Glitter:  Remember back in high school when you bought glitter Mac Lipglass and used so much off that True Colors high pigment glittery eye shadow that your eyes looked like bright purple diamonds and your parents cut you off?  Okay maybe that was just me.  I still use a glistening highlighter on my cheekbones.  I want to sparkle damn it! 

Anything I missed?  Why do you think women can’t help loving Twilight? 

3 thoughts on “Why Women Love Twilight- Yeah, I went there!

  1. I always thought I was Team Jacob.. but then I ended up with my Edward ( too keep a long story short, the older, wiser, paler, more stable one). I love Twilight as much as I hate it. Some of it sure is tacky but there's some good stuff hidden in there as well!


  2. Well…Im a Twilight junkie…and 1/2 a century old.. I guess I like older men..always have..Edward is 109…sooo there's that LOL! I just adore the fantasy of vampires,,,,and how they pledge to love just One their entire long long lives. The werewolves are pretty awesome too, very mysterious and pack like, and they also protect till death..We are all just hopeless romantics…so bet it, Visit me @ leeleemoments@wordpress.com Ciao!


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