Weekend Art, Collections and Sports

Over the next couple of weeks, while I get ready for the big move, my blog might be quieter than usual.  I am making a point to only work on it when I am home alone.  I only have about 10 more days to soak up as much time with my friends, family and boyfriend, [...]

Dance Doesn’t End When Your Knees Give Out

Today I want to share about something I really love.  Like love down to my core.  Just like SJP in Girls Just Want To Have Fun, I love to dance.Dance begins very early and if your lucky it lives  in your soul forever.Just because you can't kick your nose anymore doesn't mean dance won't always [...]

What My Twenties Have Taught Me… So Far

Today I was inspired by Sarah over at Fairy Tales Are True. I was captivated, not only by her own list of things she learned (and her in general.  Seriously, she is pretty awesome), but also by the many other bloggers she featured and links to even more women who had things to share.   I [...]