“I Want To Be Dressed And Ready For It”

Today I was reading one of my favorite blogs. I've mentioned it before, Runningonhappiness.blogspot.com.  Katie has great tutorials and a keen eye for style. Anyway... she got to do an interview with the fabulous Jeannie Mai of How Do I Look on The Style Network. It was a great interview, but one of Jeannies answers [...]

What My Twenties Have Taught Me… So Far

Today I was inspired by Sarah over at Fairy Tales Are True. I was captivated, not only by her own list of things she learned (and her in general.  Seriously, she is pretty awesome), but also by the many other bloggers she featured and links to even more women who had things to share.   I [...]

Quote of the Week

Okay, so it's not really a quote, but I saw this on Pinterest today and thought it was a great reminder. Decide what you want.  Ask for it.  Move forward or in some cases, move on.  This week I see a lot of people moving.  Some are moving on against thier will, because they know they [...]