The Most Eclectic Workout Mix You Ever Did Hear

So the other day, I spent over an hour compiling a playlist of 91 songs that I thought were workout worthy- specifically sweat my ass off on every piece of cardio equipment worthy.  When I did my first workout with it (there was nothing good on Bravo that day) I was super impressed with my eclectic workout [...]

What Is Beautiful? What Is Healthy?

Typically I don't engage in issue debates on Facebook.  Last week, I read a post about a segment on the Today Show.  You can watch the segment and read the article here.  My feelings about the post and the conversation that ensued has stuck with me for a few days so I decided to write about [...]

Swimsuit Shopping Will Only Ruin Your Day If You Let It

Today I had a great day.  I felt incredibly blessed.  I got a lot done at work.  I took a leap.  I looked ahead to the fun holiday weekend I have planned.  Not to brag, but my Monday was pretty awesome... up until I tried on a swimsuit.  (yep, this post is going there, the [...]